NCLI Fellows Online Application

This is the application form to be a Fellow of Cohort 15 of the NCLI. The first residency of Cohort 15 will take place October 12-23, 2020, at the National Conservation Training Center in Shepherdstown, WV. The second residency will take place in June of 2021 at Whiskey Mountain Conservation Camp outside of Dubois, WY. Lodging at the second residency is varied and may include bunkhouse style and/or semi-private rooms with shared bathrooms. Thank you!
What type of organization do you represent? *
Please tell us how you heard about the NCLI *
Have you applied to the NCLI previously? Please indicate which cohort(s) / year(s). *
The applicant resume should be two pages or less, and should only detail job experiences that highlight your leadership potential and conservation experience. Please use file naming format Lastname_Firstname_Resume.
The applicant essay should be two pages or less, and should include why you're committed to natural resource conservation, the types of leadership roles you've held and/or aspire to, and should address any other scoring criteria that has not previously been addressed in your nomination or recommendation letters. Your essay should be written using your authentic voice rather than a technical style. Write the essay with sincerity and from your heart, highlighting your commitment and passion. Please use file naming format Lastname_Firstname_Essay.
Nominations must come from the organization's CEO or Director. The nominator will write a letter explaining why the nominee should be chosen to participate in the NCLI. The letter of nomination must be signed by the CEO/Director of the organization. Please use file naming format Lastname_Firstname_Nomination.
Applicants must solicit three people to write letters of recommendation. One recommendation letter must be from the applicant's current supervisor. Each letter should name the applicant and include the recommender's signature. Recommendation letters should illustrate the applicant's ability in the following areas:
1. Courage/ taking risks
2. Leading organizational change
3. Motivating people
4. Building effective coalitions
5. Delivering results
6. Decision making ability.
Please use file naming format Lastname_Firstname_SupRecommendation. Replace SupRecommendation in file name with Recommendation2 or Recommendation3 for the other two letters.
Letter 1 - Current Supervisor
Letter 2
Letter 3